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Concussion Awareness

Concussion Awareness

This page has been created in an effort to educate WHA families and to protect our players from the long-term consequences of concussions. Please see the reference material and/or links below for important information regarding youth hockey safety.

Minnesota Hockey - Player Safety

Player safety is a top priority for Minnesota Hockey, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, and the International Ice Hockey Federation. Please follow the corresponding link for more information.

District 6 - Report of injury

This project is being conducted by the Minnesota Hockey Safety Committee. Your assistance and cooperation is appreciated. All reports will be followed by a phone call to the family of the injured player by trained medical professional in order to gain a better understanding of the circumstance surrounding the injury. We are only concerned with Concussions/Brain Injuries and Fractures. Please follow the corresponding link to report a youth hockey injury.

ImPACT, short for Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing, is an extensive neurological evaluation developed by doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and adopted by a number of professional sports organizations, in-cluding Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Football League.
ImPACT helps in assessing a head injury by offering objective measurements for memory, reaction time and other symptoms. 
ImPACT baseline testing, performed before the athlete is injured, provides a comparison point to help with diagnosis in the event of a head injury.
ImPACT takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, measuring multiple aspects of cognitive functioning.
Baseline testing is now available for an introductory price of $5. See the brochure below for more information, including how to schedule an appointment.

ImPACT Testing

ImPACT provides computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services that are used by medical doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, and other licensed healthcare professionals to assist them in determining an athlete's ability to return to play after suffering a concussion. Visit the ImPACT site to learn more about this service and download the free smartphone app.