Volunteer Hours

Dibs are your volunteer hours for your family.  Your family’s required amount of volunteer hours are based on how many players you have in WHA. 

You can view Dibs and the amount you are required by logging into your Sports Engine Account on the Waconia Hockey website  www.waconiahockey.org and select the Dibs tab on the top right.  Here is where you will claim any volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers are needed for many different things for WHA – Concession stand, Mite Festival, Ice Out (fundraiser event in May), Tryouts and more.

Dibs are required of all families unless they selected the "Buyout" option when registering for the season. 


Above is where you will "claim" a dib that has been posted.  Instructions are in each dib and if you are not able to fulfill a dib once you have claimed it.  These are added routinely as needed so it is suggested you check frequently as they can go quickly!