Team Pages are most helpful once your player has been assigned a team - competitive or non-competitive, here is where you can find specific information pertaining to your player's team.  Each team is assigned (volunteer based) a Team Manager.  They will be responsible for updating this Team Page.  Team Pages can be found on the website through the Teams tab at the top. 

Team Managers -  This position is volunteer based and does count for Dib hours!   They play an essential part in both competitive and non-competitive levels. 

Competitive Levels Team Managers -  Work with Team Manager Coordinator regarding any district updates, game scoring, and setting up referees.  They also communicate essential information to their team about practices, games, scrimmages, tournaments, setting up a slush fund, organizing hotel rooms for away tournaments and organizing any off ice gatherings for the team or upon coach's request. 

Non- Competitive Level Team Mangers -  Work with the Mites Team Manager Coordinator on getting their team's contacts, communicating anything from the coach regarding practices or upcoming scrimmages, picture day and any fun team gatherings they wish to coordinate.  

These both are great opportunities go get to know other families in the association as well as get our Dib hours completed for the season!