Tryouts Coordinator  - Filled for 2022/23

The Tryouts Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Director of Hockey Development with all aspects of tryout operations. Activities may include:

  • Coordinate tryout volunteer needs with WHA Volunteer Coordinator
  • Coordinate tryout scheduling with WHA Ice Coordinator and outside associations (tryout scrimmages)
  • Be mindful and flexible around other activities or events in the community (school events, other sports, etc.)
  • Be present at all tryout sessions to assist in managing day to day issues
  • Assist in ensuring appropriate supplies are present (pennies, skills equipment, evaluator supplies, meals for tryout officials, etc.)
  • Assist in ensuring that all tryout process and rules are followed by participants, coaches, parents, and tryout officials
  • Miscellaneous administrative tasks as needed

This person will work closely with the Director of Hockey Development with some light duties during the summer months and should be committed to being present at all tryout sessions.

Board oversight for this key volunteer position is the responsibility of the Director of Hockey Development.