Girls Program Coordinator - Filled for 2022/23 Season

Girls Program Coordinator is responsible to coordinate all girls level programming at all levels.  His/Her responsibilities will include, at a minimum, the following items: 

  • Serve as the primary liaison to the Board for all girl Level teams. 
  • Proactively strives to continue building the girls level program.
  • Recruiting and retention of girl skaters.
  • Coordinate participants from girl level teams to be part of recruiting events.
  • Oversee all facets of girls level program in cooperation with Mite Program Director, Competitive Level Director and Director of Hockey Development.
    • Participate in girl player development.
    • Participate in girl coaches development. 
    • Ensure team placement for all registered players within Girls’ Program. 
  • Provide scheduling assistance support with the Director of Ice Scheduling.
    • Ensure games, scrimmages and practices are set up for each team within the program
  • Facilitate and participate setting up support structures within each girls level team in the program. 
  • Perform other duties as requested by District 6, the WHA President and the WHA Board of Directors.

Board oversight for this key volunteer position is the responsibility of the Director of Hockey Development.