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Rookie Camp

FREE Rookie Camp

The WHA is offering  FREE Annual Rookie Camp for boys and girls from 4 years old to entering third grade.  It is intended for players who have not had experience playing hockey.  
There is no official skating requirement.  We do prefer that skaters can stand up on the ice and be self propelled.  It is great to get kids out to Open Skate or Learn to Skate prior to Rookie Camp if possible.
Fall 2020 Rookie Camp Dates: 
Sept. 26& 27, Oct. 3&4
Times to be announced soon! 
Winter 2021 Rookie Camp Dates: 
Jan. 23 &24
More info coming soon! 
After Rookie Camp sessions are complete, you have the option to sign up for the full Mite Season.  The Rookie Camp sessions total 4 hours, whereas the Ice Mite Season is 30+ hours. 
All skaters will receive:
  1. Instruction by certified coaches
  2. Four hours of ice time 
  3. Jersey
  4. Fun!

We will provide each child with a hockey jersey. Due to Covid we are not sure at this point if we will be able to provide loaner equipment. We hope to announce this possibly soon! 

Participants also need to register with USA Hockey, see link on page! 



Equipment and Accessories

Please understand that injuries can occur even with proper supervision; no amount of protective equipment can prevent all injuries. 

The Waconia Hockey Association colors are purple and gold. While it really doesn’t matter what color gear your player wears, if you are trying to remain standard then black helmet, black gloves and black breezers will serve your player well. 

Below you’ll find a list of equipment that is required to play.  

Required Protective Gear

Players will not be allowed on the ice without the following:

Loaner Gear Available:

  • Helmet with facemask or full shield
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Breezers
  • Shin Guards

Required Equipment not offered through loaner program:

  • Colored mouth guard (not clear)
  • Neck guard
  • Cup (boys)/pelvic protector (girls)
  • Stick (wood works great for younger players)
  • Skates (Bring your own or available to rent from the arena)

Accessories You Can’t Do Without

  • Garter Belt (or shorts with Velcro to adhere to socks)
  • Jersey (to be provided)
  • Hockey socks (not provided for Rookie Camp)
  • Tape
  • Equipment bag

Optional Accessories

  • Skate blade protectors
  • Water bottle (with a long, angled straw is best)
  • Suspenders (player preference)
  • Long underwear
  • Towel (to wipe off skate blades)
  • Extra laces
  • Extra skate socks


Rookie Camp Contact:

Andy Puchner

Mite Coordinator

Sarah Urtel

Step 1: Register with USA Hockey

All players must register with USA Hockey ( Players with a birth year of 2014 and later there is no fee.  The fee is $46 for 2014 and earlier.  

Step 2: Register for 2020 Rookie Camp

Coming Soon!

Where to find Other Skating Opportunities


Skating is a great way to get kids ready for hockey.  Current schedules for Open Skate, Developmental Hockey, and Learn to Skate can be found on the city's website under ice arena.

Learn to Skate will start up again in Mid October.