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WHA Events

Fortis Non-School Day Camps

Check out Non-School Day Camps with Fortis coming up this fall/winter: 

Each skills session will focus on a variety of individual skills with a particular emphasis on skating, edge work, and power skating. In addition, sessions will include puck handling, passing, angling, body contact, and small area games. Sessions will be tailored and informed by conversations with Waconia's HDC to have each level working on skills that the association feels are most in need of development.

Fee:  $25 per player/per camp 

Goalies are FREE; registration required.  Email for discount before registering. 

Registration will close for all camps - Dec. 18! 

Each date is a separate camp: 


9:00 - 10:00am - Squirt/U10

10:15-11:15am- Peewee/U12

11:30am - 12:30pm - Bantam 


9:00-10:00am- Squirt/U10

10:15-11:15am - Peewee/U12

11:30am-12:30pm - Bantam 


Noon - 1:00pm - Squirt/U10

1:00-2:00pm - Peewee/U12

It's Back!  Check out all the upcoming District Home Games of our competitive levels.  Each week upcoming games will be posted online and in our Friday updates. 


Game information is based on the given district 6 scheduld. If changes should occur, managers please send updates to Lisa at 


Let's fill the stands with Wildcat fans!  Coming up this weekend: 


8:45pm- U12A vs. MN River Valley 


5:15pm - U12A vs. Eden Prairie 

6:45pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. Eden Prairie 

8:00pm - Squirt C vs. Edina Green 


1:45pm - squirt C vs. Jefferson Blue 

3:00pm - Squirt B2 Gold  vs. Minnetonka Black

4:15pm - Squirt B1 vs. Eden Prairie 


7:00pm - U10B2 vs. New Prague 

8:15pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. Shakopee


1:45pm - Squirt B1 vs. CCHA Purple

3:00pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. Jefferson Blue 

4:15pm - Peewee B2 vs. Edina Green

5:30pm - Bantam B1 vs. Edina White 

7:00pm - Peewee A vs. Minnetonka 


6:00pm - Peewee B2 vs. New Prague 


8:30pm - Bantam A vs. Jefferson 


5:15pm - U10B2 vs. Minnetonka 


1:45pm - U10B2 vs. Bloomington White 

3:00pm - Peewee C vs. Prior Lake Savage 

4:15pm - U12A vs. Mankato 

5:45pm - Bantam B2 vs. Prior Lake Savage Navy


7:00pm - U10B2 vs. Edina White 


1:45pm - Squirt C vs. CCHA Purple

3:00pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. Edina Black 


4:45pm - Peewee B2 vs. Minnetonka Black

6:00pm - U12B2 vs. Shakopee


6:00pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. Waconia Gold 

7:15pm - Bantam B1 vs. Jefferson 


7"15pm - Peewee A vs. New Prague 


4:30pm - Squirt C vs. Minnetonka Blue 

5:45pm - Peewee C vs. Minnetonka Black 

7:00pm - U12A vs. Minnetonka


3:15pm - U10B2 vs. Edina Green 

4:30pm  - Squirt B2 Gold vs. Edina White

5:45pm - Squirt C vs. Prior Lake Savage Navy

7:00pm - U12A vs. Prior Lake Savage


3:15pm - Bantam B1 vs. Prior Lake Savage

4:45pm - Bantam A vs. Minnetonka 

6:30pm - U10B2 vs. Prior Lake Savage 

7:45pm - Squirt C vs. Shakopee Red


8:30pm - Peewee A vs. Shakopee 


8:45pm - Peewee A vs. Jefferson 


12:00pm - Bantam A vs. New Prague 

7:00pm - U12A vs. Bloomington 

8:30pm - Bantam B1 vs. CCHA Gold 


1:45pm - Bantam B2 vs. Eden Prairie 

3:15pm - Bantam A vs. CCHA 

5:00pm - U12A vs. Shakopee 

6:30pm - U10B2 vs. Eden Prairie 

7:45pm - U12B2 vs. Eden Prairie 


6:15pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. Minnetonka Blue

7:30pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. Minnetonka White 


5:15pm - U12A vs. Edina 

6:45pm - Peewee A vs. Edina 


6:15pm - Squirt B1 vs. Minnetonka Blue


6:15pm - U12B2 vs. Minnetonka 


5:45pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. New Prague 

7:15pm - Peewee B2 vs. Prior Lake Savage Gold 


5:15pm - Squirt B1 vs. CCHA Gold 

6:30pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. CCHA Gold 

7:45pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. CCHA Purple 


6:15pm - Peewee C vs. Jefferson 

7:30pm - U12B2 vs. Bloomington 

8:45pm - Bantam B2 vs. Minnetonka Blue


1:45pm - U10B2 vs. CCHA

3:00pm - Squirt B1 vs. Prior Lake Savage Navy

4:15pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. Edina Green

5:30pm - Squirt B2 Gold vs. Prior Lake Savage Navy


6:15pm - Squirt C vs. Minnetonka White 


6:15pm - Squirt B1 vs. New Prague 

7:320pm - Squirt B2 Purple vs. New Prague 


4:45pm - Squirt B2 Purple  vs. Jefferson White 






Games will also be posted on the Events page at

Minnesota Gopher Hockey WHA Game Days!

Grab your team or fellow hockey families and go watch the Minnesota Men's and Women's Gopher Hockey team play!  Below are links to tickets exclusively for WHA members, friends and family!

Women's Gopher Hockey Game

Saturday, Jan. 6  @  2:00pm vs. UCONN 

Ridder Arena 


If your team/group would like to set up a group experience on this day contact Joelle Smargiassi at to learn more! 

Men's Gopher Hockey Game 

Saturday, Feb. 10 @  3:00pm   vs. Penn State 

3M Arena at Mariucci 


If your team/group would like to set up a group experience on this day contact Mackenzie Skluzacek at to learn more! 

Mite Open Hockey Opportunities

The Waconia Ice Arena is now offering Mite Open Hockey!  Check out their schedule and get some time on the ice before the season begins.   

$6 a player on designated days.  Calendar link below! 

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HomeTown Bank

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Special Event Sponsors

A special thank you also goes out to the following supporters who have generously provided prizes for the event:

  • Sackett Waconia 

  • Knotty Wood

  • The Wood Guys

  • Bode Gray's