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Raffle Calendar Fundraiser Information

Our WHA fundraiser this year is Raffle Calendars! Our calendar features many WHA players, teams ,local sponsors and  53 chances to win prizes - many CASH!   Here are a few frequently asked questions that have come up:


Q1. Who is the check made out to?

A1. Waconia Hockey Association or to the players family and they submit one check with stubs.


Q2. How many calendars are being sold total?

A2. WHA ordered 3,000 at this time. If demand is high, printing more may be an option. 


Q3. How many does my player have to sell, and do we have to sell?

A3.  Players are highly encouraged to sell 10 raffle calendars.  They are an easy sell so it is suggested each player sell their allotted 10.  


Q4. How do I get more calendars? 

A4. You've sold them all, great! Please contact Kelsey Platt at to request more. We have a limited amount available. If you know you will not be selling please let your Team Manager or Kelsey know so we can allocate those to someone who is looking for more!


Selling Tip:  The calendar essentially is a raffle ticket and who doesn't like a good raffle! They get the calendar free with it and 53 chances to win!