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Mite Program

Mites Skate with the Wildcats

Mite Families!

Don’t miss out on this super fun opportunity for your Mite player(s):


Skate with the Wildcats and Meet and Green Event

*Mite 1 & 2  Skaters Friday, Feb. 2  (Skate from 5:00-5:45pm and Meet and Greet to follow)

*Mite 3 & 4  Skaters – Monday, Feb. 12 (Skate from 5:15-6:00pm and Meet and Greet to follow)


Players will skate with the boys varsity team at the Waconia Ice Arena. After the ice time, the boys varsity team will be in the lobby area for a Meet and Greet and sign autographs. Please encourage your skaters to bring items from home to have them sign. Things that work week are old jerseys, a game sock, water bottles, poster, knee hockey sticks, skate towel, etc.  There will also be plain white paper available to use for autographs if needed.


Come join the fun and support our High School Wildcats!

Mite Team List 2023-2024

Mite Season 2023-2024

The Mite Level Season will begin on Saturday, Oct. 28!  Please see the schedule below: 

Mite 1: Boys and Girls in PreK and Kindergarten 

Mite 2: Boys and Girls in 1st Grade 

Mite 3: Boys and Girls in 2nd Grade 

Mite 4: Boys and Girls in 3rd Grade 


Note: Mite 3&4's  will be split alphabetically the first two weeks. All levels will be divided into teams on Nov. 5. 


Please note some practices may be held at Velocity Ice Center, this is located at 7901 Fuller Rd. in Eden Prairie 

Below you will find a few helpful reminders for the Mite Season starting this Saturday, Oct. 28! 

1.  Required Forms - These can be found at the bottom of this email as well as on the Mite Program Page. Please bring these to your first day of practice.  Players can not go on the ice until forms are turned in. 

2. Schedule - The schedule for Oct. 28- Nov. 26 is located below as well as on the Mite Program Page.  After Nov. 5 teams will be formed and you will be able to access their schedule on the Sports Engine App.  More information on access this on the app is located below. 

3. Players Helmets - Please label your child's helmet.  PLEASE PUT YOUR PLAYER'S NAME ON THE FRONT OF THEIR HELMET IN BOLD LETTERS.  White hockey tape works well for this!  This is helpful for coaches when on the ice. 

4. Jerseys/Socks - We area waiting the arrival of our season jerseys and socks so for the time being, please where what you have - any type of jersey will do for now! If you are a returning family and have extra jerseys/socks please bring them to share with first year players! Thank you!  

Communication from WHA

Communication from Waconia Hockey Association

To ensure your family is receiving all the updates that Waconia Hockey Association will be sending out, please ensure your player’s Sports Engine Profile is set correctly:

  1. Log into your Sports Engine Account.
  2. Click on your Account Icon at the top Right-Hand side of the page.
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. At the top of page, click on "Communication Settings”
  5. Make sure your preferred emails for Waconia Hockey Association are checked.  If you need additional guardians with a different email you will need to add them to your household as a Guardian.


Sports Engine App and Schedule

Sports Engine App and Schedule Access

As we move into the hockey season, please find the following tips in regards to your Sports Engine App and accessing your player’s schedule:

Teams will be accessible after Nov. 5 when teams are rostered. 

Via Sports Engine App

  1.  Download the Sports Engine App on your smartphone.
  2. Once your player is Rostered (after Nov. 5)  you will be able to + Add a Team .  This will be the name of your player’s team.  Example – Mite 1 Purple
  3. You can now view the team schedule, RSVP to practices and chat with your other team members, coaches and managers.

If you run into the issue of only one guardian being able to access it or to become more than a “Fan” follow these directions:


  1.  In your player’s profile please make sure both parents or guardians are listed as “Guardians”
  2. Add a Guardian through the app:
    1. Go into your player’s Team
    2. Click on PLAYERS
    3. In the bottom right-hand corner, tap the BLUE PENCIL (edit) symbol.
    4. Tap the ADD GUARDIAN (+) symbol.
    5. Enter “Email Address” of  the new guardians
    6. Once complete, tap the CHECKMARK (Android) or SAVE (IOS).   This will invite the user to accept and confirm the email address entered.  Once confirmed full Guardian Privileges will be granted.


Via  Team Page – This will be updated once teams are rostered.

  1. Visit your Team page HERE  and in top tool bar select “Teams”
  2. Select “More+” and scroll down to find your player’s team
  3. This page will have a link to their Team Schedule as well as their Team Center (view schedule, roster, etc.)
  4. Your team manager or coaches may add more information to this page.

WHA Mite Program

Mite level information 

  • Mite 1: Boys and Girls in PreK and Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year   (Fee for season is $530)

  • Mite 2: Boys and Girls in 1st grade for the 2023-2024 school year  (Fee for season is $530)

  • Mite 3: Boys and Girls in 2nd grade for the 2023-2024 school year (Fee for season is $780)

  • Mite 4: Boys and Girls in the 3rd grade for 2023-2024 school year (Fee for season is $780)

Fees:  Are noted with the levels above.  If pay in full, there is a 5% discount.  Payments (2 or 4) are also an option you can select when registering. 


New to WHA Mite Families can receive a $100 discount for their first season per family.   Contact the Lisa Abernathy at  to receive a discount code.  

Please Note:

At the discretion of parents, the Mite Coordinator(s) and the Hockey Development Committee or HDD, new skaters in 2nd or 3rd grade may initially start the season at younger level to allow for a more appropriately skill-matched level. If a new player shows continued improvement, a move back to their age-matched peers during the season may be considered. The recommendation for this consideration should come directly from either the player's parents/guardians or the lead Coach(es) of the appropriate levels and include approval from the other head coaches, the Hockey Development Committee (HDC), and also the player's parents or guardians.  In cases of disagreement, the HDC will have the final word on the matter. However, Mite 3 or Mite 4 players playing down at Mite 2 will need to move with their age group to the Squirt/U10 level the following season. 

New to Hockey?

Check out our Waconia Hockey New Player guide for all you need to know regarding your first years of hockey in our Mite Program.  

Volunteer Hours (Dibs)

Dib hours are your season volunteer hours that each family is required to complete throughout the season.  There is a Dibs section on the WHA website. Please find the document below that gives you a great tutorial on how to view and claim your Dibs. 

New- Goalie Resource Page

Check out all the details about trying out a Goalie position! 

USA Hockey Membership

USA Hockey Membership Link

2023-2024 Guide Book

Forms to be prior to season: